Expanding Computer Science Education- one student, one teacher, one school, one partner at a time.


We are an education hub for computer science and computational thinking. We work to empower educators & schools with the needed tools for computational curriculum, and we leverage industry alliances with a vision for a future technical workforce.

Professional Development for Teachers

We work with public, private and charter schools to support curricular and professional development needs around computer science education. We offer large scale workshops such as NM CS PD Week during June and one day symposiums specifically tailored to address the needs of a specific school population.


Curriculum Development and Consulting

We have worked with school districts and counselors to help create a plan for creating and supporting computer science pathways. The process is tailored to each school/district depending on where they are in the development and implementation process. We support administrators to leverage equitable practices to address the needs of all populations in their school. We empower computer science teachers in your school by connecting them to CS education experts, and give teachers who are founding a CS program or department access to the expertise they need to launch your program.

Other Events

More often than not computer science teachers are part of a one-person “department” at your school. At Computer Science Alliance, we’re working to build an online and in-person community where computer science teachers can connect with and learn from each other. Our NM CS PD Week workshops are supplemented with networking and after-hours events to foment the creation of a support group. We also host additional opportunities to meet with other CS teachers in the region.