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2024 is starting off as another great year for computer science education in NM.  There are fantastic opportunities for teachers to participate in professional learning in CS, get involved in CSTA-NM and more.  There are new programs that are supporting CS for indigenous students (SkoCode) and summer camps for students that combine forestry with drones and computational modeling or with Quantum Computing.  The NMPED, in collaboration with the NM ECEP team, is working on updating the IT/CS programs of study and will need your input.  See below for more information and to see the breadth and depth of how CS education in NM has been growing.

Professional Development for NM Teachers

Policy news and incredible opportunity– A lot of focus was on the bill that reworked HS graduation requirements.  In this new law there is language about CS education and all NM high schools will need to offer a CS elective*.  Currently about 50% of NM high schools offer a CS class (link to info) so that means that in the coming years, the other half will need to have trained teachers to offer a CS class.  We can help!!!

We have funding through to bring up to 20 high school teachers to get trained in their Computer Science Principles curriculum during our summer CS PD Week.This free curriculum is one of the best ways to get started for any teacher new to CS.  Eligible teachers will receive a $tipend.  Costs of the hotel and mileage will be covered as well.  Bring colleagues to participate in the CS Discoveries or CS A (Java) workshops!

Our policy team tried to expand the CS endorsement and get funding for pre-service CS programs, but none of the bills were heard during the legislature .  We’ll try again next year!

*we are awaiting NMPED guidance on this

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Focus on CS for Indigenous Students

More Opportunities

We’re glad you are part of the CS education movement!